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Materials used
Silver - Sterling Silver (925) is the British standard for quality silver ( will tarnish and can be polished with a silver cloth). Fine silver or pure silver (99.8) is the highest quality you will find. It is softer than sterling and will tarnish much less.
M.O.P ( Mother Of Pearl ) - M.O.P is made of nacre, the same material that coats a pearl and is the iridescent coating on the inside of some shells. Where the layer is thick enough, it can be fashioned as beads, spheres or domed cabochons. 
Pearls - Pearls are described depending on how and where they have been produced. Natural or cultured ,in marine oceans or artificial ponds, freshwater lakes, rivers or streams.   Cultured Pearls have been produced commercially since the early 20th Cent, the vast majority from pearl farms in Japan, China, Australia and     Polynesia.
Fluorite ( Blue John ) - Fluorite comes in a wide range of colours, pink, green, purple, yellow etc, It is a soft stone and fragile, so should
be treated with care as it scratches easily and can shatter if dropped.                                   
Origins -  Africa, Australia, Canada, England, France, Switzerland and USA .
Hematite ( Haematite ) - This has a   silver - grey metallic appearance, though it may also appear black. A heavy stone because of its iron content, hematite can be cut and polished into beads or carved into small ornaments.                              Origins - Brazil, Canada, India and USA.
Quartz - Quartz is crystalline, made from crystals and is transparent. However, sometimes the crystals are so small, they cannot be seen without a microscope and are called Microcrystalline, of which Agate is one.                                               Crystalline Quartz has many colours :                    Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, etc.

Agates many have curved lines, bands or blocks of solid colour, and are named after their appearance , ie : Banded Cloud, Moss, Fire, Lace Agates, Jasper, etc.                                               
Origins -  Worldwide.
Topaz - Topaz comes in a range of colours, including colourless, pink, brown, golden yellow, green blue. Ultrasound cleaning devices should not be used with these semi-precious stones as it may cause fractures.                                     
Origins - Brazil, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, USA .
Lapis Lazuli - Lapis Lazuli is a blue metamorphic rock made up of a number of minerals - dark blue lazurite, gold specks of  pyrite  and white veins of calcite.                                
Origins - Afghanistan, Argentine, Chile, Russia and USA .
Jade - Jade is the name given to two separate minerals - jadeite jade and nephrite jade. Colours range from dark green to creamy white although jadeite has a far greater colour range including red, black, violet and lavender.                                       Origins - New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, China, Turkestan and Russia.
Turquoise - The sky-blue turquoise of Iran has
been mined for more than 3000 years and in Egypt even earlier. The colour is due to the proportions of iron and copper, generally the more copper the brighter the blue.                       
Origins - Australia, Chile, Iran, Mexico, Russia and USA .